Today, driving cars and bikes has become a necessity rather than a luxury. Everyone wants to reach or leave a place on time and at their own comfort. However, back pain is something that comes with prolonged sitting in one position, especially while traveling to a distant place for vacation or work.
Back pain can happen for many reasons, including bad roads, constant driving without any breaks, or sitting in one position. It can happen to any individual of any age. But, neglecting the symptoms may lead to a severe spinal condition. If you are suffering from back pain and the pain has lasted for more than 3-4 days, you should consult an expert spine surgeon for back pain treatment in Mumbai.
Another option is to follow these tips while driving to prevent back pain, injuries, or spinal damage:

  • Take a comfort ride
  • Do not insert your mobile phones or wallets in your back pocket. It disrupts your spinal position and causes pain later.
  • Avoid sitting too close or too far from the steering wheel. This puts excess pressure on your lumbar spine as you bend forward to adjust the distance.
  • Add a small cushion or pillow at the back of your seat to maintain a straight posture while driving.
  • Choose a car that offers sufficient leg space and is comfortable for long drives.
  • Check the shock absorbers and tyres of the care if they are in good condition.
  • Avoid sudden breaks and make sure you drive slowly and safely.
  • At bumpy roads, maintain a comfortable speed limit.
  • After every 1-2 hours of constant driving, take a few minutes of break to stretch your leg muscles, spine, and joint muscles.
  • If possible, take a short walk around the area, as it improves your blood circulation in the legs and prevents any risk of causing varicose veins.
  • Keep changing your position while driving, as it alleviates the pressure from your spinal discs.
  • If more people in the car can drive, keep taking turns to reach the destination.
  • While sitting in the car, make sure you got enough thigh and foot support.
  • If you drive long distances daily, never skip your regular exercises.
  • Perform some stretch exercises and yoga to restore your spinal movement
  • For people who are already suffering from back pain can follow these tips:
  • Apply heat or cold compress to heal your back pain temporarily.
  • Talk to your doctor, who can prescribe a few OTC medicines if the pain gets unbearable.
  • You can also ask for a preventive pain-killer to prevent back pain while going on the road.

Above all, listen to what your body indicates. Back pain can happen to anyone, but if not taken seriously, it may turn into severe spinal conditions such as slip discs, hernia, or spondylolisthesis. To learn more about spinal health or spinal treatment, you can get in touch with our expert spine surgeon in Mumbai at PowerSpine Clinic. Our best doctors and nursing team will address your condition and ensure their treatment plan helps you get back to your active lifestyle.