How to avoid office back pain?


1. Posture: Your posture determines the most about chance of you getting a backpain. Choose a chair which supports your back curves. Especially, chair must support you lower back portion. The curvature there must be maintained to allow the weight of upper body to be transmitted down without causing any damage to the spine or discs.
2. Height of the chair must be appropriate for each person. The height should kept such that the thighs are parallel to the ground thereby having a right angle at hips and knees.
3. The height of table and position of the keyboard, monitor should be such that you dont have to bend forward to reach them. The back must be straight at all times.
4. After every 40-50 minutes of continuous sitting, a break is must to take a walk till washroom or coffee machine or to photocopy machine. This walk will not only break your monotony but also allow muscles which are strained to relax a bit and not go into spasm.