Fusion Procedures

Spine Fusion Treatment

Spinal fusion is a permanent solution to get rid of lower back pain. The surgery connects two or more vertebrae in your spine using screw-rods and bone, restricting its movement and alleviating the pain. The treatment comes in many forms, including lumbar spinal fusion, cervical spinal fusion, and PLIFs. Our spine specialist in Mumbai offers world-class spine treatment to limit pain caused by the joints and get the patient back to their active life.

Treatment Overview

The treatment is performed under general anesthesia so patients won’t feel any pain or discomfort throughout the procedure. In general, the following procedures are followed by an expert spine specialist in Mumbai:

  • Incision: The surgeon first makes an incision in one of the three locations – in the neck, the back of your spine, or in the abdomen to get access to the surgical region.
  • Bone Grafting: The bone graft often comes from a local bone removed during decompression, or your pelvic region. In case of your pelvic bone is used, the surgeon makes a small incision above the pelvic bone, removes a small portion of it, and closes it.
  • Fusion Process: The surgeon places the bone graft between two vertebrae to join it permanently. Metal plates, screws, or rods are used to hold the vertebrae together until the patient heals completely.

The Result

When performed by the best-certified spine surgeon in Mumbai fusion can be the most-effective treatment for fractures, bone deformities, and instability in the spine. It might take several months for the affected bones to heal and fuse. Your surgeon will suggest the best physical therapy, medication, and preventative measures for safe, effective, and speedy recovery.

We invite you to book your appointment at PowerSpine Clinic, Mumbai, for all types of spine-related concerns and our specialist will address it to help you improve your active life.

We perform the surgery using minimal access techniques. Due to MIS techniques, the patient can be mobilized immediately after surgery and there is no need to be in bed for 3 months like earlier surgeries. There are early mobilization and early discharge with minimal discomfort to the patient.