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8mm transforaminal, 8mm interlaminar, 15mm tubular MED, or 22mm Destandau system - ensure smallest incision while doing a complete job...
Endoscopic Surgery
Minimal Invasive Spinal Surgery (MISS)
Small incision, less tissue damage, better recovery, less pain post surgery and cosmetically better scar
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Dr Sumeet Pawar

We have brought you the opportunity to reclaim your health with the greatest combination of medical, physical therapy, surgical and rehabilitative solutions.

Spine problems have become the most common problem among adults and older adults. Sedentary lifestyle, long-sitting hours, and unhealthy lifestyle are a few reasons why people develop spine problems. Dr. Sumeet Pawar, a leading spine surgeon in Mumbai, and his team offer custom-made solutions to suit your individual health needs.

Specialized in Endoscopic and Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery, Dr Pawar and his team’s earnest effort lies in creating the entire process safe, smooth and effective for patients.

How to avoid office back pain?

Your posture determines the most about chance of you getting a backpain…

What to do if you’re considering Back Surgery

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6 Topics to Help You Talk with Your Spine Surgeon

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Medical Treatment

Neck and back pain and muscle spasm problems which gradually aggravate can be best resolved with medical treatments prescribed by our certified spine specialists.

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy, also termed as ‘physiotherapy’, is a sub-branch of medicine that utilises evidence-based exercise prescriptions, joint mobilisation,


In spine and back pain problems, various invasive methodologies for managing pain can be employed. Injections, also called ‘blocks’, are one of the ways of pain

Surgical Intervention

Endoscopic Surgery
Tubular Surgery
Open Surgery
Fusion Procedures


Associate Hospitals

Training in Mumbai, South Korea and Japan

What is MISS?

MISS is Minimal Invasive Spine Surgery. It is surgery on spine using microscope or endoscope done through a small opening in the skin and minimal damage to muscles and tissue. So post op recovery is much faster and patient comfort is maximal…

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Endoscopic Spine Surgery

Endoscopic Surgery

Learn how endoscopic surgery can change your life. Opening as small as 8 mm can be employed to access the spine and do discectomy to relieve you of pain…

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Percutaneous Fusion Techniques

Percutaneous fusion involves fixing spine through small incision in the skin. No prolonged bed rest, no post operative severe pain. Get out of bed post surgery in a day! Surgery which used to last 6-8 hours can now be finished in 2-3 hours.

Dr.sumeet Pawar Best neurosurgeon in mumbai, Very good and helpful../q>

- kunal khandagle

Extremely happy with the treatment...highly knowledgeable and very assuring

- Ishtiyaque Siddique

My mother had severe lower back pain. We met him and he operated upon her back. My mother is totally free of pain and ca

- Priya Parab

I m very relievedly of my symptoms which was not properly diagnosed by different super specialist Doctors. He is very good & listens to your problems very carefully. Best Doctor I have met so far...

- Arvind Jain

Very good and helpful, He explained everything in very easy language. And he is highly knowledgeable and highly skilled surgeon doctor ever I met who Personally keeps checking whether follow-up is done from time to time and give proper guidance whenever needed .

- Shital Pawar

Extremely passionate about his work and patients well being. Very knowledgable. Dr. Sumeet was v calm, talked v politely and put us at ease when we were in worst times. He was like God-sent to us. May God bless him always for his service to mankind. Blessings all the way.

- Divya Shanbhag